Friday, December 3, 2010

Samurai Jeans Rescue Dogs at Right Hand Distribution

On the 16th anniversary of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, Samurai Jeans has created the S0610LX-RR jean - a limited edition jean with a percentage of the profits going to charities that support disaster victims.
Based in Itami City in Hyogo, Nihon Rescue Kyoukai (Japan Rescue Association - train rescue dogs to be sent to disaster zones all over the world, and therapy dogs for mentally and physically impaired people.
Using Texan cotton, already a fairly rough yarn, Samurai have treated this yarn to have a deliberately short staple and rough hand, so the cloth is particularly stiff. Dyed in pure indigo, they have the richest saturation of indigo dye possible.
This particular weave of stiff, pure Texan cotton gains rigidity and sturdiness with wear, tightening in the fibre to make a very robust denim. This is Samurai's most "kouha" denim yet - a true denim die hard cloth. The selvedge is the "Katana-Mimi" - Samurai's Sword Selvedge.
The cut is a classic proportion made low rise, the waist and hip are more close in proportions so that they fall straight from the hip, and the pockets are made shallow to accommodate. The back pockets are sewn in the "hitohudenui" style, with the arcuate in "kagemusha" style.
The leather patch is the S0610LX model - check the hakama on the samurai and you'll see the trend for low rise! The moon reflects the slim line by being in it's waxing, and the patch is heat stamped in Navy rather than Red to reflect the cool nature of this limited jean.
The buttons are in Iron, and the rivets are "Zenigata" model, shaped after the ancient coins of Japan. (Zenigata Heiiji was a favourite of my Grandfather in Law - so it has a soft spot in my heart too) They are stamped "Shogyou Mujou" - a Buddhist teaching that translates "Everything is evanescent".

In limited supply, these jeans will be available from Right Hand Distribution from next January-ish. Don't order a 38 though, they'll be for me.

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  1. I bought a pair of these about 3 years ago. The low rise makes them quite uncomfortable in the crotch/seat and the short pocket bags & small pocket openings were slightly frustrating. Regardless, the fabric is sensational!!!