Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Caramel, Navy, Buttermilk Yellow

We are being interviewed for Hong Kong television tomorrow. I figure that warrants fresh shoes, hose, ties and pochette.

Carmina Alcudia Last 803's.
I've always admired the Carmina range, but tried them for the first time today. I'm converted.

Ties - Drakes and Drakes for WWChan.
Pochette all Drakes

All from the Armoury


  1. Great shoes Ethan. Don't suppose they are available anywhere you know of in Aus?

    Looking forward to seeing more HK pics.


  2. Jeremy,
    Unfortunately there is no where I know of stocking either Carmina or Gaziano Girling in Sydney, but we can certainly send a pair or two from Hong Kong - either via the Armoury webstore, or you can email me personally. I'm fairly sure both range are stocked down to a UK5.5, so size shouldnt be an issue.


  3. Ethan,

    Any comment on the Carmina vs. the EG Dover GW @ Most Exerent seems to love? They look similar.

  4. How have you found the sizing of the Carminas vs C&J?

  5. Thanks for the offer mate. Will be in HK soon (hopefully) so will drop in to the store for a stockup and a catchup!