Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Details - A most exerent pair of Ambrosi trousers Pt 2

Personal Style with Phat Guido

A conversation with my friend PG last night, got us both thinking about individual style. An elusive thing that comes only with time, experience and confidence, it takes a long time before someone stops trying to dress like someone and embraces just dressing for themselves. Even the best of us have our affectations, whether it be hats, bow ties, scuffed suede or too short trousers. But nobody need fear making mistakes - it's all part of the process of developing our own style.
So when we met this morning and were both in the same suit, but in very different ways, it made for a great opportunity to further explore this idea. PG has a style all his own - he has great fun presenting himself, and never fears trying something new. But he is also a man who knows himself, which means dressing like himself a simple task. I am a few years younger, many many kg's heavier, and overall my suits fall differently. I love PG's style - I feel I have played some hand in helping him develop it, but it's not a style I can pull off.
I have met many others who also want to dress in his style, but never have I met another PG, which makes wearing his "skin" impossible - the bones beneath don't fit. Just as to dress in a technically perfect style can only get you so far.

So step back. Take a look at you. You can dress well, regardless of who you are. So long as you be you.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whiskey & Shoes

Last week, I was fortunate enough to have a group of great customers and friends visit me in store for an evening of whiskey, shoes, suits and cigars.

Shoes were revealed, discussed…
And argued, of course…
The night ended at Porteno - the great new Argentinian restaurant at 358 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills - Some of the best steak I have ever had - and a few glasses of vino, sherry and beer later, things got a little fuzzy…
A big thanks to all who attended, and looking forward to the next one…
for the venue
for Manny's excellent Navy Suede PTB's
for something to argue over
for a place to fall over



An excerpt from Nils Ferlin's "Barfotabarn", written in 1933.

Du har tappat ditt ord och din papperslapp,"You have lost your word and your written note,
du barfotabarn i barefooted child in life.
Så sitter du åter på handlar'ns trappYou sit on the porch of the grocer anew
och gråter så övergivet.and cry so abandoned.
Vad var det för ord – var det långt eller kort,What word was it - was it long or short,
var det väl eller illa skrivet?was it well or poorly written?
Tänk efter nu – förr'n vi föser dig bort,Think twice now - before we shove you away,
du barfotabarn i barefooted child in life."

Stanley & Sons

My custom apron has finally arrived from the good folks at Stanley & Sons.
Based on the SS1042 Selvedge Cone Mills Duck Cloth, but customised to a length just above the knees, with a leather pocket so I can rest a shoe while I am polishing it and not lose my finish.

The guys at Stanley & Sons were awesome to deal with - polite, quick to respond and accomodating of any of my questions. Although much more expensive than I really should have paid for an apron, I felt like I really contributed to a new world artisan making an old world product.

Now I just need to find time to polish some shoes.....

Vintage Rolex Lust

A friend put me on to this thread about a group of Rolex Collectors that recently had a meet - I had to repost these images, for the pure beauty of the age these pieces have on them. Not my images, and sadly not my watches. None of them. Sob.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Despite our image as laid back and slovenly, Australians are a well dressed bunch. The crowd I know is, at least. We blend the colours of Jermyn Street with the bare ankle panache of Lago di Como, wear welted shoes and I even see the odd gent in a hat and bow tie. Some might say it's affectation, whereas others might say it's just a bit of fun.

Something that does irk me though, is a disregard for the care of shoes. I think for some it's a lack of care, while for others it's a lack of knowledge.

I think an evening of bubbles, conversation and shoe care is on the cards in the near future... Who's interested?
Photos by PhatGee

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Coming in 5,4,3,2,1....

The Alden Modified Last V-Tip in colour 8 Cordovan... Otherwise known as the Alden 54321. Latest addition to my Alden wardrobe...... Now, a saddle shoe.... Cigar cordo saddle on tan suede? Choices choices choices.....

Mark III

Friday, September 24, 2010


A new camera for the day. Any guesses to the set up?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Omodetou, Hiro. Omodetou, R&Blues...

It's been a busy few months for my friend Hiro - Congrats, my friend, it's well deserved. Looking forward to a celebratory drink sometime this November...

Back to HK

Next month, I'll be back in Hong Kong. Hopefully it'll be a bit cooler than the last time I visited....
So where to eat, where to sleep, what and who to see....

Still Life with Blood Orange

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Il Micio

My friend Gaz has recently commissioned a pair of shoes from Il Micio, the Japanese born, Florence trained artisan Hideetaka Fukaya. I remember walking passed this store while in Florence a few years back and thinking how austere and pure the space seemed. The shoes produced there are equally elegant and refined...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Black Ivy

I am not much of a re-poster, but this is one I couldn't miss. Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs' take on Take Ivy - it's great to see a confrerie of like minded guys meeting away from the blogosphere and rocking a look that is usually thought of as predominately white. Hats off to the Street Ettiquette crew for making it work better than most.

Alden NST's & Mister Freedom

My well loved and well worn colour 8 NST's with my Mister Freedom Signal Vest. There is something in the rugged honesty of these two pieces that appeals to me.
NST is an acronym for Norwegian Split Toes, referring to the hand stitched detail at the toe. Legend has it that Alden have a small team of 5 doing all the NST stitching. For some, Alden Indy or the PTB are the ultimate models, but for me I think it has to be the NST.
Speak to Tom at LeatherSoul Waikiki and get yourself a pair.