Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The 36 Ounce Twill from Drakes in a 7cm width. The combination of the weight of the silk and the quality of interlining make this tie drape and fall perfectly in my opinion.

Tie - Drakes for WWChan
Pochette - Drakes Irish Linen for The Armoury
300gram Linen Coat and Thomas Mason shirt both to order from P. Johnson


  1. Ethan, it's interesting to read your comment on the tie, as I picked one up a while back and find it a bit too thin and a bit too narrow for my taste - it just goes to show that taste is a very subjective thing, but perhaps I should wear it a few more times as it might grow on me...

  2. Good to know about the Drakes tie. 7cm is rather thin.

    The combination is perfect though.

    Where is the lapel flower from?