Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crockett & Jones - Onslow

New in store - the Onslow from Crockett & Jones...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Allies - Andy & Right Hand Distribution

The only place to buy real denims in Aus, and unfortunately he is all the way down in Adelaide. A real super maniac though, worth buying a beer if you want to learn more about left hand, right hand, ring spun, chainstitch, copper rivet madness. Andy also drives a Union Special chainstitch machine, so if being able to buy Sugarcanes and Samurai's isnt enough for you, you can even get them hemmed the real way.

phone: +61 (08) 8359 3557


shop address: 22 ebenezer place, adelaide 5000, south australia

Seamaster 120 Deep Blue

1969 Seamaster 120 "Deep Blue"
Cal. 565 Case 166.073
Shark Mesh Bracelet

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For Bryce and Emi

A song for my niece and nephew;

Kuro Yagi San kara
Otegami suita

Shiro Yagi San tara
Yomazuni tabeta

Shikataganai no de
Otegami kaeta

Saki no otegami
Go yo wa nani?

Mr Black Goat
Sent a letter

Mr White Goat
Ate it without reading

It cant be helped
So he wrote a letter;

"That letter you wrote,
What did it say?"

Repeat, just switching Mr White Goat (Shiro Yagi San) with Mr Black Goat (Kuro Yagi San)

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Ring by J.W.Thompson, Sydney.


A very belated gift to my older brother, Clifford.

Exactima Telemeter. It keeps time, but that is the extent of my knowledge with this timepiece.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mono - Toyosu Coated Optics Field Glass

Toyosu - Toshimaku Sugamo Coated Optics - was an optics maker for civillian use, that was enlisted to produce goods for the war effort during WWII.
Teiichi Taniguchi was the last in a line of Taniguchi's to head this company before it sold in the 60's. I am happy to be able to call Taniguchi Teiichi "ojiisan" or grandfather, and on my last visit with him he gifted me these Field Glasses. They are one thing I count as priceless to me - no amount of money or threat would inspire me to part with them - and it is in no small part the joy of looking at them as it is looking through them that sees them constantly in my hands.

Toyosu Coated Optics

Field 6.5°
No. TS96632

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Inspiration - Papa Nui

Little known to most, my background in the apparel industry focused montly on denim, vintage work wear and military in the beginning, having spent some years in Tokyo working for Dai Nippon Denim and the Paradoxical Yamane Hidehiko Sama. I am still known to slouch around in espadrilles, vintage denim, watch caps and horsehide coats when the occasion allows.
Another man who has done great things in this field, and who has a unique aesthetic that I really love is Papa Nui. Also a veteran of the furugiya field in Japan, Papa consulted to a brand that was at the time arguably the best the industry had to offer - The Real McCoys.

His vintage inspired artowrk, surfboards, and military style all hit the mark for me.

Accoutrments - Gold

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Original 145.014 Speedmaster Mark II Case, and 1162/173 Bracelet - circa 1970.
Now I just need a cal.861 movement and a Black Mark II dial....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Wooden lasted, nailed and tacked, bench made - Crockett & Jones have been crafting the best of the world's shoes from their Northampton factory for over 130 years, 5 succesive generations of the Jones family continuing to persue excellence in traditional shoe making techniques.
The foundation, quite literally, of a well dressed man's wardrobe, little can make or mar a man's appearance. Discreetly elegant, a bone polished pair of chisel toed oxfords speak of confidence, assuredness and attention to quality.
Employing traditional bench made Goodyear welting, a pair of Crockett & Jones shoes are built as an investment - ready to age and gain patina over the years, as they are repeatedly worn and polished, resoled and relasted. Using the finest calfskins, Scotchgrains and calf suedes, colours are traditional, rich and hand applied. Oak bark tanned soles with bevelled waists balance rich uppers in antique brown, burnished chestnut, inky black calf and mottled tan.
At Herringbone we have assembled a comprehensive collection of classic styles. The best of Crockett & Jones' offer to build a timeless shoe wardrobe suitable in any situation. Punch cap oxfordds, wingtip brogues, double monks, penny loafers, chukka boots. Styles as relevant with a sharp weekend style as with an elegant top drawer business suit. Lasts vary, adding another element to the refines line, from the modern long lasted 348, to the traditionally Jermyn Street style of the chisel toed 337.

As passionate about our shoes, their style and their care as we are about shirts, we at Herringbone invite you into store to explore the world of Crockett & Jones.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Must Reads - A Time to Get

A regular read for me - Sort of person I'd love to buy a beer.

all images from atimetoget

Deep Blue

Sunday, April 4, 2010