Friday, October 22, 2010

Ring Jacket

Mr Sasamoto and Mr Fukushima, Sales Manager and President respectively of Ring Jacket.

Ring Jacket are a manufacturer of off the rack and pattern order suiting based out of Osaka, Japan. I had the great priviledge of working with their product a few years back when we had our stock range made there, and the quality of product is exceptional. Meeting these two gents helped me to realise why.
The famous expression is "find a job you love, and you will never work a day on your life", and with Ring Jacket this is obviously the case. From their own suiting - a flannel db on Mr Fukushima, and a jacquard woven waistcoat and navy hopsack sports coat on Mr Sasamoto, these guys love their product. From collaborations with Evisu and Mastermind, they are also dipping into streetwear, bringing their know how and expertise to a younger audience.
So a trunk show in Sydney for the pattern order line? Who is interested?


  1. So Herringbone's MIJ line was/is made by them?

  2. The very first range were, before moving on to another Japanese maker.

  3. Nice coverage of the Armory opening! :)
    Would love it if Ring Jacket could actually organise a trunk show in Sydney!

  4. yes would be in for a trunk show in Sydney

  5. I love my HB x Ringjacket London-cut suit - it is absolutely fantastic. I've seen some Ringjacket goods at Beams (or was it Ships) in Japan and it was lovely stuff, too.

    I'd be interested in a trunk show in Sydney but I'd need a fair bit of notice so that I could arrange to make the journey south of the border.