Saturday, October 9, 2010


To inspire a friend who is considering his first pair of Aldens…

Alden for Leather Soul Plaza Last Semi Brogue in Colour 8 Cordovan. About a year of wear is giving them the patina that makes Colour 8 really shine.


  1. Damn, I slept on these when they were available because I thought they were too similar to my 974s, but now I really wish I'd picked up a pair.

  2. You need to wear those things more often if you want patina, Color 8 should really lighten up with wear/time.

  3. Thanks, Rich - they are a great shoe, and one of the more refined models I have seen from Alden.
    Anon - I wear them plenty, and counter them getting overly light by using colour 8 paste and the water method of polishing. Shoes dont need to look abused just because they are used, especially a pair of dress shoes - a casual boot I would be happy to see lightened, but this pair I usually wear with a suit and am happy to see dark and shiny.


  4. Gotcha, I didn't know you were adding paste polish to them, that will definitely keep em dark. I just love #8 shell when it turns almost brown from age. Wear them well!