Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Foulard Silk

Increasingly, what is old is new again. The cycle of trend and fashion is ever turning, and after many years of heavy jacquard ties, I am more and more becoming enamored of the elegance of a foulard silk twill.

The richness of it's finish is somewhat intriguing - although it is matte and can appear dull next to a satin finish cloth, the richness inherent in the twill gives it an almost patinated antique look. Paired with a linen or crisp cotton poplin pochette, the textural difference is even more striking.

The softness of the weave gives foulard silk ties a gentle, insouciant feel when knotted - a perfect tie for Pratt or four in hand knots, with a small knot that seems to bite it's thumb at the big Windsor knots favoured by the investment set in the late 90's.

Amazing examples are available from Drake's this season, or my very own Herringbone, pictured below.


  1. Nice Ethan. Looks like I'll be dropping in to pick up some new ties.


  2. Thanks Jeremy - look forward to it. We have other great styles not pictured, so be sure to try them all.

    And thank you, little boss. You should come visit sometime too.