Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stanley & Sons

My custom apron has finally arrived from the good folks at Stanley & Sons.
Based on the SS1042 Selvedge Cone Mills Duck Cloth, but customised to a length just above the knees, with a leather pocket so I can rest a shoe while I am polishing it and not lose my finish.

The guys at Stanley & Sons were awesome to deal with - polite, quick to respond and accomodating of any of my questions. Although much more expensive than I really should have paid for an apron, I felt like I really contributed to a new world artisan making an old world product.

Now I just need to find time to polish some shoes.....


  1. Great duck apron !!!! Thanks a lot


  2. Ethan,

    I am always happy to send a few pairs of my C&Js down to Sydney to keep you occupied!