Saturday, September 18, 2010

Alden NST's & Mister Freedom

My well loved and well worn colour 8 NST's with my Mister Freedom Signal Vest. There is something in the rugged honesty of these two pieces that appeals to me.
NST is an acronym for Norwegian Split Toes, referring to the hand stitched detail at the toe. Legend has it that Alden have a small team of 5 doing all the NST stitching. For some, Alden Indy or the PTB are the ultimate models, but for me I think it has to be the NST.
Speak to Tom at LeatherSoul Waikiki and get yourself a pair.


  1. I've recently become a fan of the ST shoe after aquiring a pair of vintage Allen Edmond Bradley's. I use to think the style was a little old mannish but they have become one of my favorite shoe's.

  2. Richard - I use lots of elbow grease, and a very little bit of Alden Colour 8 Paste.