Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alden For LeatherSoul

Navy Suede is a strong trend at the moment, with both Crockett & Jones and Alden offering variations on the theme.
Tom and his crew at LeatherSoul offer this Plain Toe Blucher on the FlexWelt sole. A soft, downy navy with the hint of chocolate brown in the sole edge and lace. The Barrie last looks best on smaller feet, to my eye, and this pair for Phat Gee are exactly right. I see them worn sans socks, with a white denim rolled short and a navy cotton odd jacket. Or a pair of SugarCane 66's and a white polo.

Maybe Summer isn't as unwelcome as I thought...


  1. Hi Ethan,
    Great blog. Say, I live in Sydney and just got a pair of Shell Cordovan Bluchers from Brooks Brothers delivered here to Sydney. I assume they are made by Alden, and are a Burgandy colour, I think close to their #8. Could you recommend a polish and conditioner available here in Australia? I am unsure of what to get to look after them properly.

  2. Thanks, SG, glad you like it. If your shoes are shell, and it sounds like they are, you'll need nothing more than a stiff bristled brush and an old tshirt to get them looking good. Colour 8 paste you can get online as you need it, but the very nature of cordovan means you won't need it for a while yet. I'm planning a post on care of shell cordovan, so stay tuned.