Friday, April 9, 2010

Mono - Toyosu Coated Optics Field Glass

Toyosu - Toshimaku Sugamo Coated Optics - was an optics maker for civillian use, that was enlisted to produce goods for the war effort during WWII.
Teiichi Taniguchi was the last in a line of Taniguchi's to head this company before it sold in the 60's. I am happy to be able to call Taniguchi Teiichi "ojiisan" or grandfather, and on my last visit with him he gifted me these Field Glasses. They are one thing I count as priceless to me - no amount of money or threat would inspire me to part with them - and it is in no small part the joy of looking at them as it is looking through them that sees them constantly in my hands.

Toyosu Coated Optics

Field 6.5°
No. TS96632

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