Thursday, April 8, 2010

Inspiration - Papa Nui

Little known to most, my background in the apparel industry focused montly on denim, vintage work wear and military in the beginning, having spent some years in Tokyo working for Dai Nippon Denim and the Paradoxical Yamane Hidehiko Sama. I am still known to slouch around in espadrilles, vintage denim, watch caps and horsehide coats when the occasion allows.
Another man who has done great things in this field, and who has a unique aesthetic that I really love is Papa Nui. Also a veteran of the furugiya field in Japan, Papa consulted to a brand that was at the time arguably the best the industry had to offer - The Real McCoys.

His vintage inspired artowrk, surfboards, and military style all hit the mark for me.


  1. That Papa Nui blog is amazing.

    Makes me want to learn how to surf.

    Thanks Ethan.

  2. Agreed, Matt - We need to save our money and commission Papa to make us boards.