Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Wooden lasted, nailed and tacked, bench made - Crockett & Jones have been crafting the best of the world's shoes from their Northampton factory for over 130 years, 5 succesive generations of the Jones family continuing to persue excellence in traditional shoe making techniques.
The foundation, quite literally, of a well dressed man's wardrobe, little can make or mar a man's appearance. Discreetly elegant, a bone polished pair of chisel toed oxfords speak of confidence, assuredness and attention to quality.
Employing traditional bench made Goodyear welting, a pair of Crockett & Jones shoes are built as an investment - ready to age and gain patina over the years, as they are repeatedly worn and polished, resoled and relasted. Using the finest calfskins, Scotchgrains and calf suedes, colours are traditional, rich and hand applied. Oak bark tanned soles with bevelled waists balance rich uppers in antique brown, burnished chestnut, inky black calf and mottled tan.
At Herringbone we have assembled a comprehensive collection of classic styles. The best of Crockett & Jones' offer to build a timeless shoe wardrobe suitable in any situation. Punch cap oxfordds, wingtip brogues, double monks, penny loafers, chukka boots. Styles as relevant with a sharp weekend style as with an elegant top drawer business suit. Lasts vary, adding another element to the refines line, from the modern long lasted 348, to the traditionally Jermyn Street style of the chisel toed 337.

As passionate about our shoes, their style and their care as we are about shirts, we at Herringbone invite you into store to explore the world of Crockett & Jones.


  1. Oh, I will - just as soon as the Herringbone store in Brisbane stocks them! I am very keen to try on a pair on the 337 last, such as a pair of Belgraves.

  2. I wish that Herringbone didn't close down in Canberra.
    There's not a lot a great choices here. Please come back.

  3. Hmm I used to work at the Canberra store on the weekends and as much as I loved it, we just don't have the population or higher end of incomes for a herringbone store to survive unfortunately (even though Canberra has the highest avg income).

    I'll be heading to Sydney in a few weeks and will definitely be in to check out the C&J and will be on the look out for a new suit at the same time.