Wednesday, March 3, 2010


From the first feel of a Kashmiri blanket, European weavers and consumers alike have revered the soft belly hair of the Cashmere goat for their absolute softness, fineness and warmth.
Autumn Winter 2010 sees Herringbone drawing on the skills, experience and integrity of the world’s foremost weaver of this precious yarn – Loro Piana.
Renowned for supplying the longest staple, finest micron cashmere yarn, Mr Sergio Loro Piana describes the tactile nature of his product best when he urges you to “pay attention to what your own touch says about quality”. There is simply nothing to compare to the soft hand of cashmere wool.

It is this beautiful hand, its absolute luxury, and its rich uptake of colour that has drawn Herringbone to create a new range of knitwear in this yarn. From it’s dusky pale grey in it’s raw state, it is Cashmere yarn’s extremely fine micron count – never greater than 19 and often as low as 14 – that allows a brilliance of colour and lustre unparalleled in conventional wools. Rich hunting green, jewel like royal purple, watermelon, charcoal, mottled grey merle, this seasons knits are a joyous exploration of colour, texture and exacting detail.

We welcome you to Herringbone stores to touch – and see the beauty of Loro Piana cashmere for yourself.


  1. looking forward to the cash sweaters!

  2. They're in store now for men, Anon, and womens arent far away.