Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crockett & Jones Handgrade- The Savile

The Handgrade Savile on the 337 Last - Mink Calf Suede - $699.
A Monk Strap is basically a Blucher style shoe, with a strap and buckle (or two) rather than laces. Bucking the StyleForum groupthink, I prefer the single monk - It's long, unadorned toe gives it all the elegance of a wholecut, without any of the sloppiness.
The Savile from Crockett & Jones Handgrade is my choice - a little more built looking than the Oundle from Edward Green, and a much better price point for a man of my limited means.
The Mink Calf Suede version we now have in store is rich, lush and discreet. It's lack of shine helps to take away from the visual size of bigger feet, as it absorbs the light and diminishes the visual weight.
I'll wear it with a navy twill suit, wider legged with two forward pleats on the trouser, and brown barathea braces from Albert Thurston. The sharpness of a twill wool, with the soft elegance of the shoe are a great contrast. Top that with a mid grey wool melange tie, a white linen square and a tightly furled umbrella - it always rains when I wear suede shoes!

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