Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crockett & Jones Handgrade- The Belgrave

When we first started choosing which styles of shoes we should stock from Crockett & Jones, my immediate response was the Belgrave in Handgrade - A Punch Cap Oxford in Black Calf or Chestnut Antique Calf.

Having worn the Handgrade Audley for the last few years in both Black and Brown Antique, the Belgrave became increasingly attractive in my mind - it has the elegant simplicity of a simple cap toe oxford, but with the punching to give it a slightly antique feel. The oak bark tanned sole is elegantly waisted in the black, and left a beautiful tan across the channel cut soles in the chestnut. The 337 last has a handsome toe box - neither as round as the 341, nor as elongated as the 348. A shoe that is built enough to look masculine, but with out the clumpishness often found in traditional Goodyear Welted shoes.

The black will be my staple with navy suits for the evening this Autumn and Winter, or under grey flannels and a navy coat. The chestnut is a rich and opulent red tinged brown, that will be ideal in the day with navy trousers and odd jackets, but equally lush under a navy suit, blue shirt and burgundy tie.

Crockett & Jones Handgrade Belgrave on the 337 last- $699.

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  1. Great selection Ethan. Can't wait to see these in person. Roll on April 1