Monday, June 14, 2010

the young morning

I want to wake to a young morning and the cock's crow.
I want to sink my hands into the earth, or the sea.
I want to smell a radish pulled from my land,
I want to know the time to reap, the time to sow.

It's time we went back to the ground
This isn't how it's meant to be.
I want to see you in the young morning,
The life we've forgotten, found.

If I take a life, it's to nourish another.
My love, my brother, my neighbour, my friend.
I'll bid you hello in the young morning,
we'll be well met this day or t'other.

I want to measure my days in the turn of the season,
I want to be remembered by my children and well tilled earth.
I'll remember you as I saw you this young morning,
At the end of this day, in the winter season.

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