Wednesday, June 16, 2010

100 posts

100 posts in on this new iteration of ethandesu, and I thought it fitting I mention why I am
doing this again, and what is great about this community of people on the web.
For all the derision it causes, allegations of trolling and group think, the online community of enthusiasts, aficionados, super maniacs, however you like to call them, is a great one.

The people I have met online that I would not have met otherwise have enriched my lives, as I hope I have them. Not all opinions I read on fora and blogs are as well thought through as they could be, not every taste or style to my own, but they all share an enthusiasm that is inspiring and infectious. If all people approached their day to day existence with the passion some of my friends have, the world would be a better, and probably more Italian, place, with arguments and heated discussions over the most seemingly mundane topics. And because of it, everything will have the opportunity to improve.So here is a shout out to a few friends amongst many that I have the utmost respect for - gents and ladies that keep looking for a better way to live, and more integrity in the day to day.

Phat Guido -

Enzo, now at , but some great stuff at Inspirational stuff.

Hiro at R&Blues -

The guys at Craft Work Wear in the US -

The Papa -

Heavy Tweed Ivy in Japan -
Gaz and the Sydney Tarts -
CottonDuck -

MatWat -

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  1. Ethandesu-Rugged Old Salt, Thanks for the shout out. It's good to see your blog in action again. Agreed. The passion that people bring to their blogs is what makes this interesting and great fun. I've added your blog to my blogroll. Cheers, HTJ