Saturday, November 27, 2010

Antiqued Chestnut - The Crockett & Jones Belgrave

Those that know me know I love leather - in all it's many forms, from reverse calf to cordovan, on shoes, jackets, small leather goods, furniture. I've also developed a penchant for caring for leather, whether it be the detailing and presentation of new leather or the restoration of old.

A pic of my Chestnut Belgraves that I had polished from new somehow turned up on ilikeitpreppy - I may have tweeted the image, I'm not sure - and I thought a progress shot of the same pair now that they have had some abuse and antiquing, polished and moisturised. Rather than go for a standard mid brown polish, I've tried to give these shoes more of an oxblood character by using burgundy wax. On a new shoe it gave it a cherry finish, light and shiny, as per the above image.
I'm a firm believer though that light leathers need to be nicked and scratched, then bulled into submission, so that the scratched in the leather take on more of the polish colour and give interest to the toe cap. With these Belgraves I have done just that - antiqued with black, polished with burgundy and finished with clear, in a continuing cycle of lustre.
I like the finish - I feel like I have a really well maintained pair of 20 year old shoes.


  1. buddy how do you size on these? what size are you on the boss or the jobmasters?