Friday, February 26, 2010

Shine Your Shoes

Few things in life are as satisfying as a pair of pristinely polished, religiously shoe tree-d, well worn Northampton bench made shoes. A great test of true character - any man with a few (thousand) dollars can build a collection of beautiful footwear - but no shoe is as beautiful from the box as it is a few years down the track if it has been worn, cared for, and regularly and zealously bulled. It isn't a process for the easily distracted or time poor - it can take as much as 8 hours to properly polish a pair of cru leather shoes, but the rewards are immediately apparent.
A process that involves first nourishing and detailing a shoe right down the bevelled waist, pressing the preferably flat waxed laces, then adding coat after paper thin coat of beeswax polish, bulling or spit shining is the domain of only the most enamoured shoe lover.

Like a perfectly pressed shirt, clean and polished nails, an elegant tie knot and regimentally manicured facial hair, polished shoes mark a man who cares about the details.

Edward Green "Pelham" provided by Incontro.

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