Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Journey.

"It is not good to settle into a set of opinions. It is a mistake to put forth effort and obtain some understanding and then stop at that. At first putting forth great effort to be sure that you have grasped the basics, then practicing so that they may come to fruition is something that will never stop for your whole lifetime. Do not rely on following the degree of understanding that you have discovered, but simply think, "This is not enough."
One should search throughout his whole life how best to follow the Way. And he should study, setting his mind to work without putting things off. Within this is the way."

... from the Hagakure, by Yamamoto Tsunetomo...


  1. Very well put Ethan, its always a journey and when you think you have a handle on it something else pops up to remind you the search is never over. Nice tie knot by the way, which one is it?